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Giles Goodman

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Meet Giles Goodman, the Founder and CEO behind Payfor Ltd, a pioneering force in the world of global debt recovery. With a strong belief in justice and fairness, Giles established Payfor in response to an industry yearning for innovation and efficiency. Our mission is clear - to ensure businesses get paid on time, every time, regardless of their location worldwide.

Giles's journey is one of resilience and determination. His formidable career spans across the music industry, property development, tech startups, and more, providing him with a solid foundation in negotiating, managing, and overcoming challenging financial situations. Inspired by his experiences, Giles set out to revolutionize the commercial debt collection sector, and Payfor Ltd was born.

With a keen eye for cash flow analysis, B2B debt collection, boosting productivity, corporate recovery, and accounts receivable, Giles transformed his vision into reality. Under his leadership, Payfor Ltd offers a unique blend of commercial debt collection and legal recovery, delivering an all-in-one solution previously elusive in the industry.

With a passion for justice and fairness, Giles assembled a remarkable team of professionals, including resilient and determined individuals based in Ukraine, known for their ability to overcome challenges. This team became the driving force behind Payfor's commitment to a direct and strategic approach to debt recovery.

At Payfor, we believe in blending strategy, modernity, and directness in our approach. By employing innovative and tailored strategies, we eliminate the need for disparate partner firms. Instead, we directly connect with debtors, ensuring a more effective and successful recovery process. Beyond being a mere debt collection agency, we embrace your cause - your debt becomes our mission. We navigate the maze of recovery with unwavering commitment, minimizing delays and costs, while maximizing effectiveness and creativity.

Driven by Giles's unshakeable belief in fairness and justice, Payfor exists to rectify imbalances in the financial world. We uphold the right of every business to receive what they are due, on time. It's not just about recovering debts; it's about ensuring your financial stability so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Welcome to Payfor Ltd - your trusted partner in efficient, strategic, and globally effective debt recovery.

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