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Efficiently recover outstanding commercial debts between businesses, regardless of geographical boundaries. Trust in our proven expertise in global commercial debt collection.

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How our process Works

At Payfor, we take immense pride in our global commercial debt collection services, built upon the key theme of "It's all about strategy and communication." Our approach is centered around fostering effective communication channels to establish strong connections with debtors worldwide.

We believe that understanding the unique dynamics of each debtor's situation is crucial to devising tailored strategies for debt recovery. Our team of experts employs a focused, faster, and modern approach to navigate complex debt scenarios, ensuring swift resolutions without compromising relationships.

With a keen eye on global economic trends and local regulations, we optimize our methods to adapt to diverse markets and industries. At Payfor, we are committed to relieving the burden of commercial debt and restoring financial stability for businesses across the globe, ensuring a seamless and efficient debt collection process.

Step 1


Contact Payfor to arrange a confidential call with our friendly team to discover how Payfor can recover your debt and explain how we work.

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Create the Strategy

The Payfor team delves into the details of the claim to set the strategy.  We then implement the 30 day Chase Campaign comprising daily calls and emails to debtors.

Step 2

Legal Collection

Payfor can secure a free appraisal via top law firms in the jurisdiction. We source the legal steps with transparent costs that you approve. Payfor success manages the claim on your behalf.

Step 3


Step 4

During the course of the recovery or the legal collection there are opportunities to negotiate settlements with debtors. Payfor is experienced at negotiating and securing the best possible outcome.

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