Frequently Asked Questions

What does Centralised Collection mean?

The word ‘centralised’ refers to the control of an activity from one place. When referring to Payfor, it means that we are carrying out commercial debt collection from one place to all corners of the world as opposed to working with partner debt collectors. We believe that the centralised model is more focused and faster and achieves better outcomes (compared to working with partner collection companies).

What if my company doesn’t have any debts? How can you help me?

Payfor has a Late Payment Best Practices PDF, which you can download here. This informs you about all the essential points worth adding or amending in your Client Agreement. Note that we are not a law firm, and you should first check any amendment to your Client Agreement with your lawyer. Clients that have acted on our recommendations empower Payfor’s service to be more effective, increasing leverage to collect debts. Download it here.

Do we need to sign an NDA? How can confidential information be protected?

We are happy to sign NDAs if required before discussing any claim or if the information is sensitive. If you go on board as a client, our Standard Agreement also contains a confidentiality clause for your protection.

Can the debt be collected if the services were provided but the debtor never signed the agreement?

There is still an excellent chance to collect debts like this, and we are experienced in dealing with such cases. But to answer your question, we need a detailed description of the case to be sure. Send us all the information about the debt, and we will provide our analysis.

What is the minimum amount worth chasing?

Our goal is to help any business (whether you are a private entrepreneur, an SME, or an international corporation) to receive payment for the provided services or goods. Send us your case for a free appraisal.

Is there any chance to collect something if the debtor’s company is not active anymore?

If the company went bankrupt, there is less chance of receiving the payment. However, it depends on the debtor’s country of registration and other factors. Send us your case, and we will provide our analysis soon.

What is a standard debt collection campaign?

Step 1 – Analysing the debt, agreement, and case background Step 2 – Developing a strategy Step 3 – Initiating a 30-day chase campaign with daily phone calls and weekly emails Step 4 (only required if Step 3 didn’t result in full payment of the outstanding amount) – Initiating legal proceedings (where the case is first evaluated and cost out for your review)

How should I authorize Payfor to act on behalf of my company? Do I need to notify the debtor formally?

After signing the agreement between Payfor and your company, Payfor is authorized to communicate with the debtor on your behalf. However, the debtor might request a confirmation from you. Usually, an email is enough.

Do I need to sign an agreement with Payfor?

Yes. We can send you a draft agreement for your review. Once you are happy with it, we can send you an online version that you can sign quickly and efficiently to get the process moving.

Do you have any geographic or financial limits?

Payfor operates globally and does B2B debt collection alone. We generally don’t handle debts below £2000, although there are still exceptions.

What other services do you provide?

Payfor also offers an Invoice2Cash accounts receivables management service. This is white labelled using your accounting package and company email address. We issue your invoices, chase them, and ensure they are paid on time. Weekly and monthly reports are sent to you. Should any invoice default, Payfor can immediately implement the 30-day chase campaign.

What does it cost, and when do I get paid?

Payfor offers a contingency-based fee structure (no win, no fee, so you only pay if we collect the debt), which is determined by the age, location, and amount of debt. Alternatively, it can be agreed individually, taking into consideration the peculiarities of the case. The debt is paid to Payfor’s Client Account, and we immediately transfer the debt to your bank account minus Payfor’s fee.

How will you collect my debt?

Firstly, we analyse your case to prepare a strategy. Then, we execute our 30-day chase campaign, consisting of weekly emails and daily calls to the debtor. Should the debt not be collected during this time, we can manage a legal recovery.

I have a debt from the client. How can we start?

Just fill out the contact form on our website. We will arrange a call to discuss the debt and how we can help with it. Alternatively, the discussion can be done via email or Whatsapp.

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