Frequently Asked Questions

What does Centralised Collection mean?
What if my company doesn’t have any debts? How can you help me?
Do we need to sign an NDA? How can confidential information be protected?
Can the debt be collected if the services were provided but the debtor never signed the agreement?
What is the minimum amount worth chasing?
Is there any chance to collect something if the debtor’s company is not active anymore?
What is a standard debt collection campaign?
How should I authorize Payfor to act on behalf of my company? Do I need to notify the debtor formally?
Do I need to sign an agreement with Payfor?
Do you have any geographic or financial limits?
What other services do you provide?
What does it cost, and when do I get paid?
How will you collect my debt?
I have a debt from the client. How can we start?

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