Debt Collection

What is Commercial Debt Collection?

When a company is owed money it can instruct a commercial debt collection company to collect it on their behalf. Such third party companies are specialists in collecting outstanding debts and work on a “no win, no fee basis”.  Once they have recovered the debt it is transferred to the creditor.

Payfor is a challenger in the industry using new, improved methods of collecting debts utilising automation and applying unique strategies focused on implementing the chase cycle more efficiently.  The results are dramatically more successful than the “old industry methods”.

Payfor’s 30 Day Chase Campaign forms the core service that we offer our clients.  Payfor helps SMEs recover payments from anywhere in the world.   In our initial meeting with you we will explain how our proven successful, “centralised” approach communicating with debtors is the most effective way to recover the debts owed to your company.

Our team are familiar with different territories where some have lived and speak the local language in Europe, Baltics & /Eastern Europe, Middle / Far East and Africa.  We also have experience of N America, Latin America and throughout Asia.

What Happens Next?

Once you have reviewed our terms, you can onboard easily via our online client sign-up. There are no hidden fees, the cost is based on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. So there is no risk whatsoever to using our service, we can only make you money.

Send us the details of your claim this will be the client agreement, invoice(s), SOW’s, brief case summary and the debtor’s contact details.

Payfor’s team will then commence our 30 day Chase Campaign. Debtors are emailed to inform them of Payfor’s involvement, the specific case summary and an instruction to pay. Debtors can discuss the case with us and be given a chance to settle what is owed before any penalties are issued.
Once the payment is recovered, it is transferred immediately to your bank account. Should the 30 day Campaign not result in a recovery, Payfor is able to support you with a Legal Collection.
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